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I've skimmed Morgan Spector's book, and read parts. While I'll probably never actually finish the whole thing, it has given me some interesting ideas.

Morgan uses the term fluencies as a noun. It actually was a verb 'to be fluent' meaning to perform a behavior quickly and correctly. You would be fluent in a behavior if it was performed well every single time it was cued.

After looking at Morgan's book and thinking about what we actually want to teach in the way of competition behaviors, I started to design my own overview for each of the AKC classes. On paper, it doesn't look so bad at all! However, each of the behaviors needs to be broken down into each of its component parts to be trained, so this is just a gross overview.

My training has changed a lot. I've learned the importance of teaching in small, easily attainable increments. My goal now with Copper is to have errorless training, for him to never do it wrong. I'm working towards that on the stays in particular, since I botched them so badly with Sully. While that's probably not going to happen, it's certainly a more efficient way to approach training.

What follows is my beginning oganization for obedience behaviors. I plan on breaking these each down into their teachable components.

Competion Obedience Behaviors



  • Left side position (sit, stand)
  • Maintain moving position
  • Close/Get in
  • Turns in place
  • Circles & arcs
  • Speed changes & transitions
  • Turns -- left, right, about
  • Automatic sit on halts


  • From a sit
  • Stay while handler leaves
  • Light exam
  • Handler returns around


  • Wait
  • Front
  • Finish


  • Sit (1 m. in sight)
  • Down (3 m. in sight)



  • Same as Novice


  • Drop from motion
  • Finish recall from drop


  • On the flat
  • Over the high jump


  • High jump
  • Broad jump


  • Sit (3 m. out of sight)
  • Down (5 m. out of sight)



  • Heeling as in Open but hand signals only
  • Stand, stay, drop, sit, come, finish (hand signals only)


  • Scent articles
  • Gloves


  • From motion
  • Complete exam
  • Return to heel position

Directed jumping:

  • Go out
  • Turn & sit
  • Jumps

Deb Jones
copyright 1999 Deborah Jones, Ph.D.


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