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The Epiphany

Last night as I was laying in bed in the heat (I'm not good at heat and how you stand living in the desert is really beyond me), I was playing with Stormie's paws. He has always been very shy about his toe nails and his feet and the idea was to get him comfortable as you had suggested. Stormie kept yanking his foot away from me and I kept grabbing it and trying to hang on. It suddenly hit me. I was making this a contest that I must win at all cost. I have (had) the mind set that the dog could not be allowed to win or I was losing face. Also I was going to keep at it until the dog gave up no matter how long it took. After all they are dogs and I'm a human. Talk about needing a leash pop.

So I stopped grabbing his foot. Instead I touched the foot, clicked and then tickled and treated. As soon as he took his foot away I stopped and just lay there. Tried again a few seconds later. Just a second longer of allowing me to touch the foot.

The long and short of the end of 20 minutes (and mostly not holding the foot) Storm was rolling around on his back and trying to get me to touch all four feet.

It's not a big jump for him but it sure is for me. I have to start watching this competition thing. I don't have to win to be successful. What a concept.

Cathy Kaiser
Jericho Farms Border Terriers & 2 "Terrier"ifc Papillons
copyright 1999 Cathy Kaiser

"Dear God: Please let me become the person that my dog thinks I am. Amen."


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