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Regarding touching objects with her nose. I first taught my BC cross, Zack, to touch my finger tip, then added a piece of masking tape to the end, and gradually worked up to a pencil with one of those practice golf balls (plastic with small holes) jammed on the end. He loves to grab things but this approach seemed to work. "Touch" is a wonderful cue. You can use a touch-stick, etc, to lure instead of food, and I have used "touch" extensively to teach go-outs. I put an orange traffic cone in the ground and sit down in a chair on the deck. The only way Zack gets a treat is to touch the cone with his nose (C/T). Soon he is running straight from me to the cone and back with either a "touch" or "go-out" command. Hope this is useful.

Martin Trotter
Richmond, BC
copyright 1999 Marvin Trotter


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