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The following tricks were compiled by James Leatherwood. Contributors (in no particular order): Jean Heisler, Chris Nielson, Kim Burrell, Sue Ailsby, Kay Laurence, and Stacy Braslau-Schneck. The point values were added by Melissa Alexander for use as "extra credit" during in-class games.

One point tricks

  • Bare teeth (Cues: “Be a wolf,” or “What do sharks look like?,” or “Do you like tuna?”)
  • Bark
  • Beg
  • Bite water or snap at air (away from anyone’s face!)
  • Bow
  • Cock your head to one side
  • Dig
  • Growl
  • Howl (Heard the Spice Girls latest CD?)
  • Kiss
  • Let go of rope
  • Nod your head
  • Nose touch to hand
  • Gimme four, also known as Low four (realistic version of Gimme Five)
  • Put paws on a person’s shoulders
  • Rub muzzle on floor
  • Shake hands
  • Shake your head
  • Shake yourself
  • Speak
  • Wag tail
  • Walk backwards
  • Wave
  • Yawn

Two point tricks

  • Bark silently (Whisper)
  • Circle around me
  • Crawl
  • Did you wash your hands? (dog sits up in Beg position but shows pads)
  • Fan the flames (two paws)
  • Figure 8
  • Nose touch to other objects (naming objects or just pointing)
  • Permit the wearing of sunglasses or hat
  • Play dead
  • Push things with paw (like doors, drawers)
  • Ring bell by pulling string
  • Ring bell with nose
  • Ring bell with paw
  • Roll over
  • Rub back on floor
  • Speak LOUD!
  • Speak SOFT!
  • Spin
  • Wave/shake hands with the other paw
  • Where’s your tail? (Chase your tail)
  • Whimper

Three point tricks

  • Carry purse or other bag
  • Cover your eyes
  • Fetch newspaper
  • Fetch slippers
  • Find/bring dog dishes
  • Find/bring leash/collar
  • Find/bring TV remote
  • Get a toy by name
  • Hide your head (nose touch under cushion or blanket)
  • Lead another dog by the leash (or lead himSELF by the leash)
  • Lead people (take wrist gently in mouth and take them somewhere)
  • Moon-walk (scoot backwards in a bow)
  • Open doors
  • Pick a card (from a deck)
  • Pick the hammer (paw to indicate correct tool)
  • Pull on rope - close doors, open doors, open cupboards, pull wheelchairs
  • Pull your wallet out of your pocket
  • Push something with the nose
  • Sneeze
  • Stop dead on cue
  • Take money from someone else and bring it to you!
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Dance

Four point tricks

  • Balance treat on nose, then toss it up in the air and catch it
  • Climb a ladder
  • Fetch a hot dog
  • Fetch beer from fridge
  • Find/bring car keys
  • Heel backward
  • Learn names of family members and carry messages back and forth
  • Limp
  • Nose touch to designated colors or shapes
  • Put a toy IN something
  • Ride a skateboard
  • Roll a ball in cued direction
  • Roll over with ball between front paws
  • Tea Bag Search: Dog to search a minimum of 3 people for a tea bag held in their hands, people sitting on floor or chair.
  • Walk sideways
  • Walk up stairs backward

Ten point tricks

  • “Abigail has a drinking problem.” With that as a cue, the dog runs to a wine bottle, touches the opening, spins, falls down, rolls over, crawls and goes to sleep.
  • Carry basket with Halloween treats to door (wearing costume, of course), you open door and hide behind it, dog walks forward to doorsill and sits politely while children take treats.
  • Count/Add/Subtract (What’s one and three? What’s 312 minus 308? What’s 120 divided by 30?)(the CUE is a tiny hand signal to bark)
  • Lie on blanket, grab one corner of blanket, roll over and cover yourself up and pretend to sleep
  • Pick up everything that’s on the floor and put it in garbage
  • Pick up toys and put them in toy box
  • Steal people’s purses from beside chairs and put them in a bucket
  • Stop, Drop & Roll (for demonstrating fire safety to kids)


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