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Basic Clicker Training

Clicker Training Explained

Basic Training Skills

Your First Behaviors

Tips for Success

Advanced Clicker Training Techniques

Perfecting the Behavior

Reinforcement, Punishment, and Extinction

Canine Learning


Specific Behaviors


Loose Leash Walking



Husbandry Behaviors

Other Behaviors

Training for Competition

Dominance and Social Behavior Issues

Problem Behavior

Aggression -- human, dog-dog, resource guarding

Lost Attention


Other Problem Behaviors

Techniques for Handling Problem Behavior

Chicken Training

Puppy Training


Success Stories

About Classes and Seminars

Humans and Operant Conditioning


SPT -- Start Puppy Training list -- Keeper posts

  • Crate training
    • Crates -- How to Buy
    • More How to Use
    • How to Crate Train
  • Health Related Info
    • Broken Legs
    • Diarrhea -- It's Causes and Treatments
    • Melatonin Uses -- Fireworks and Fear Issues
    • Spay/Neuter -- When and Why to Do It
    • Neutering Procedure Explained
  • Housetraining Tips
    • Housebreaking Tips
    • 6AM Waking
  • Puppies!
    • Bite Inhibition
    • Puppy Biting -- Patience!
    • Bitin Pants Legs and Ankles
    • Puppy Adolescence -- or Demon Spawn!
    • New Puppy Separation Anxiety

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