In early 2001, my husband and I decided to get a puppy. We had two dogs, a three-year-old Newfie named Rain and an elderly Great Pyr named Satch. Satch turned eleven in 2001, and we could see him grow older every day. The reality was, eleven was an old Pyrenees. Satch, my dear old friend, wouldn't be with me forever. We didn't plan on getting the puppy until after Satch died, but we didn't want to wait to begin our search. We knew picking the breed we wanted and finding a good breeder takes time -- sometimes a lot of time.

In this blog -- "Web log" or online diary -- you can read the details of our search for the perfect breed and perfect breeder, how we prepare for a new pup, and the joy of raising a clicker puppy. Each entry is dated, so you'll know exactly when everything happened. Hopefully, this diary will be a resource for anyone looking to add a clicker puppy to his household!

--Melissa Alexander

The search for a breed and breeder

The litter's early life:

Our first week

The rest of December, 2001

January, 2002

February, 2002

March, 2002

April, 2002

May, 2002

June and July, 2002

Wrap Up, October 3, 2002



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