October 2006

October 28 , 2006

Just wanted to give a quick update. We've entered the rainy season, and that means little time spent with the horses. I don't have a covered arena, and I do have lots of mud. Put the two together and add chilly, annoying rain, and that equals time indoors.

I've done a bit over the past month. I played with Blue a few times, and we worked both on the retrieve and on "sit." Yes, I'm trying to teach my horse to sit. I'm working off of a Karen Parker DVD (which is wonderful). It warns that it will take the horse some time to get used to the idea of backing into something like a straw bale, but I *still* expected Blue to get it right away. I was annoyed when he acted like a normal horse. Pbbbtttt.

I worked with Rowan the other day for the first time in ages. We had to start slow, but once she was in the game, she was in the game. She has an excellent memory, and even when I'm doing something she doesn't love (like picking up her feet), she remains willing.

I likely won't have many updates over the winter. I'm playing with my dogs a bit, and hoping to get a puppy in the spring -- another curly. I'm not as burned out on dogs as I was when I got Aslan. I'll update if there's anything new and exciting happening, but usually there's not much in the winter months.

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