Cue: Verbal cue "come." Whistle cue -- two short blasts.

Description: On cue, dog will return to me at a run.


  • Distance: Respond to cue from up to a quarter mile away.
  • Latency: Immediate.
  • Position: Dog should come in straight from wherever he is.
  • Locations: Everywhere.
  • Distractions: Anything and everything. Especially distractions common in a dog show or performance environment, including when retrieving birds.

Training Plan: (Accomplish each level in multiple locations of gradually increasing distractions.)

  1. Play the come game with people 20 feet apart.
  2. Add verbal cue.
  3. Pax comes from 40 feet.
  4. Come from 40 feet through milling people.
  5. Come from 40 feet through milling dogs.
  6. Add whistle cue.
  7. Come from 100 feet.
  8. Come from 100 feet with distractions.


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