Cue: Verbal cue "Heel."

Description: On cue, dog will find heel position and maintain it whether I am standing or moving.


  • Behavior specifics: Maintain heel position and eye contact through straight lines, about turns, right turns, left turns, clockwise and counter-clockwise circles. Pax will sit when I stop moving.
  • Duration: Up to two minutes.
  • Latency: Immediate.
  • Locations: Everywhere.
  • Distractions: Anything and everything. Especially distractions common in a dog show or performance environment.

Training Plan: (Accomplish each level in multiple locations of gradually increasing distractions.)

  1. Shape dog to actively seek eye contact.
  2. Dog will maintain eye contact through an about turn.
  3. Performs an about turn and heels a straight line for 10 feet, maintaining eye contact.
  4. Heel an about turn, a straight line for 10 feet, and another about turn with one distraction.
  5. Shape a fast.
  6. Shape a slow.
  7. Add halts.
  8. Build heel to 80 feet.
  9. Shape a figure eight.


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