Cue: Verbal cues "Take it" and "Drop."

Description: Dog will wait in heel position, then on cue will go to, pick up and return with an object, sit in front, hold the object until asked to drop it, then drop it on cue.


  • Behavior specifics: Must take and hold the object gently but firmly with no mouthing.
  • Distance: Must retrieve an object up to a quarter mile away.
  • Latency: Immediate.
  • Locations: Retrieve can be inside or outside, on land or in water.
  • Distractions: Anything and everything. Especially distractions common in a dog show or performance environment. Must complete with current retrieve even if another (better) retrieve is offered.
  • Other: Must remember the location of up to five different retrieving objects. Should not go on retrieve unless cued by handler.

Training Plan: (Accomplish each level in multiple locations of gradually increasing distractions.)

  1. Shape a take of one object.
  2. Add the cue.
  3. Shape a take of additional objects, including metal objects.
  4. Shape a hold of five seconds.
  5. Add cue to drop.
  6. Proof hold on a variety of objects.
  7. Build a retrieve of five feet of a variety of objects, including metal.
  8. Build a retrieve of 20 feet of a variety of objects, including metal.
  9. 50 foot retrieve of a variety of objects, including metal.


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