Scent Discrimination

Cue: Verbal cue "Find it."

Description: On cue, dog will use his nose to locate the indicated object or the indicated scent.


  • Behavior specifics: Includes discriminating between objects, searching for objects, searching for people, and discriminating different scents.
  • Duration: As long as it takes to find the object or person.
  • Distance: Up to a mile.
  • Latency: Immediate.
  • Position: Cue is given with dog close, but dog should be able to work separate from me.
  • Locations: Everywhere.
  • Distractions: Anything and everything. Especially distractions common in a dog show or performance environment.

Training Plan: (Accomplish each level in multiple locations of gradually increasing distractions.)

  1. Discriminate an object recently scented by me from one other object.
  2. Discriminate an object recently scented by me from multiple objects.
  3. Discriminate an object scented by me from objects scented by other people.
  4. Use his nose to find a tossed object.
  5. Use his nose to find a hidden obejct.
  6. Alert to found object.
  7. Use his nose to find a person.


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