Cue: Verbal cue "stand" or hand signal. (Not simultaneous.)

Description: On cue, dog will assume a show stack from a walk, stand, sit, or down.


  • Behavior specifics: Balanced show stack suitable for the dog's breed. Includes head, ears, and tail in proper position.
  • Duration: Up to two minutes.
  • Distance: Respond to cue up to ten feet away, but maintain while handler moves to fifty feet away.
  • Latency: Immediate.
  • Position: Assume position from walk, stand, sit, or down. Handler should be able to stand in any position relative to dog.
  • Locations: Everywhere.
  • Distractions: Anything and everything. Especially distractions common in a dog show or performance environment. Must maintain the position while being examined without handler present.

Training Plan: (Accomplish each level in multiple locations of gradually increasing distractions.)

  1. Shape square back feet.
  2. Shape square front feet.
  3. Shape head position.
  4. Shape tail position.
  5. Perfect and solidify position.
  6. Add the cue.
  7. Assume the position from a sit.
  8. Assume the position from a down.
  9. Maintain the position up to 10 seconds.
  10. Maintain the position while a stranger touches his head and withers.
  11. Maintain with handler 10 feet away.
  12. Maintain while handler examines mouth.
  13. Maintain while stranger examines mouth.
  14. Add a hand signal.
  15. Assume position while heeling.
  16. Stand from heeling while handler keeps walking.
  17. Group exam for one minute with handler 20 feet away.


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